San Diego General Contractor

Spectrum Renovations is a licensed General Contractor serving all of San Diego, California. We specialize in the renovation, remodel and upgrade of existing residential and commercial sites. Spectrum is the clear choice for Foreclosures and REO Rehab projects.

Spectrum Renovations has the experience and expertise to provide maintenance, correction, and repair of foreclosed properties, and seized homes.

Our experienced crews will fix up distressed properties in every respect. From landscaping to roofing, plumbing to electrical, windows and doors, to all your improvement needs. We place our emphasis on customer service, quality, and professional project management to ensure we exceed clients' expectations

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Home Remodel and Rehabber

Renovation for Investors and REO Rehab

Complete Services for Investors and Realtors

Landscaping and Yard Design

Landscaping and Yard Design

Landscaping to meet your Custom Design

Garage and Shed Remodeling

Garage and Shed Remodeling

Custom Cabinetry and Flooring Packages

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