Spectrum Renovations know how to do mold remediation projects in the kitchen

Spectrum Renovations knows how to do Mold Remediation Projects in the Kitchen

A lot of homeowners panic when they hear that they have mold.  They envision tens of thousands of dollars in costs to make the needed repairs.  Spectrum Renovations in San Diego, specializes in Mold Remediation and Mold Cleanup.  Spectrum can offer some helpful advice on how to clean up mold in the kitchen and other areas of your home.  After remediating many homes over the years we find that most mold remediation projects are really fairly simple and straight forward.  The really expensive remediation projects are quite rare.

Water damage in the kitchen is typically more complicated than damage in other areas, but even kitchen projects can be done in a sensible and cost efficient manner.  Some companies will want to remove all the lower cabinets and haul the debris off to the landfill.  Our techs can usually set up some temporary countertop supports, and keep the face frames in place during the demo and cleaning.  Spectrum sets up a sturdy containment zone around the work area.  This is equipped with a HEPA air scrubber.  It is vented through plastic tubing to create negative air pressure within the containment zone.  This is important to keep any airborne contaminants from cross contaminating the rest of your home.

We remove the appliances, doors and drawers.  They are cleaned and set aside. The crews then disassemble the damaged cabinetry.  The toe kicks, bottom and side panels are removed.  Then the drywall along the back wall can be removed, and bagged.  If there is insulation in the exterior wall cavities, it is removed.  The exposed wall cavities are then thoroughly cleaned.  We use a special HEPA vacuum, and damp wipe the exposed substrates repeatedly to remove any visible dust or debris.

Check out our next blog entry for more info.  Or call Spectrum Renovations for more Mold Remediation advice.


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