Rent Ready

Spectrum also offers services to Property Managers.
If you are looking for the cheapest paint job in town…well…keep looking. We can’t compete with those unlicensed handymen who work out of their garages. But if you are in need of a quality remodel, or have a more difficult repair your handyman can’t handle — Spectrum may be your answer.

We can fix it!
Spectrum Renovations can fix your slab leaks, change out kitchen cabinets and countertops, replace fiberglass tubs and showers, and a whole lot more, including deck coatings, window replacements, tile, and stairway repairs.

Call Spectrum for free quotes.
Call Spectrum for free quotes on fire damage, flood damage, stucco, drywall, roofing and quality painting, inside and out. We can work within your budget and understand the need for quick turnaround. If the unit isn’t rented, it is not producing income.