How Quickbooks helped a small business like Spectrum Renovations grow

Spectrum Renovations has been using Quickbooks for 19 years. When I first started working at Spectrum, which is a business that renovates houses, I didn’t know how to use Quickbooks. First looking at it, I was very overwhelmed and intimidated. I repeated actions like making estimates and entering bills over and over again to keep it in my memory. Most of the time when I would forget how to begin a task, my mother was there to tell me what to do. But eventually she had enough confidence in me to leave the office, and me alone. I didn’t seem to have the confidence that she had so I wrote down every task step by step in a notebook.  After a while, this process became familiar to me and I began leaning even more that Quickbooks covers. It took about a month to know and remember how to work the program. Without a program like Quickbooks, there is no way that our company, Spectrum Renovations, would have been possible.


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