Spectrum can help you update the look of your establishment.
New paint, flooring counters or booths go a long way in letting your customer know you are serious about keeping them satisfied. Your surroundings are a real reflection of you, and directly affect how our customer see you and your products.

Working with your business.
We can update a dingy or tired d├ęcor into a beautiful and modern new space. We understand your need to keep your business running. We do our best to work around your schedule and alternate shifts to minimize our impact on your operating hours. Our technicians are very careful, and hang plastic and use drop cloths to minimize dust and debris around your place of business.

Creating a new work environment.
We can provide an amazing array of flooring and wall treatments, from simple paint to outrageous designs in tile, fabric, marble or vinyl. We have architects and designers available to help your ideas come to fruition.

Trust your remodeling needs to Spectrum Renovations.